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Three Village Teachers Association

Executive Board of Directors

Brian Pickford President.jpeg

Brian Pickford

Eric Gustafson Elementary Vice President.tif

Eric Gustafson
Elementary Vice President

Dean Kostis Secondary Vice President.tif

Dean Kostis
Secondary Vice President

Brenda Lamiroult Recording Secretary.tif

Brenda Lamiroult
Recording Secretary

Jeanine Lombardo Treasurer.tif

Jeanine Lombardo

Sarah Doepp Welfare Secretary.tif

Sarah Doepp
Welfare Secretary

Chair People


Robyn Weinstein
Professional Rights & Responsibilities

Lorraine Hegarty Vote_Cope and Action.tif

Lorraine Hegarty
Political Action

Jason Hugues Action Co-Chair.tif

Jason Hugues
Political Action

Taylor Kinsley Action Co-Chair.tif

Taylor Kinsley
Political Action


Leanne Perry
Professional Rights & Responsibilities

Dianne Kraemer CDC Secondary Chair.tif

Dianne Kraemer
Curriculum Development

Lauren Horn Elementary CDC Chair.tif

Lauren Horn
Curriculum Development

Richard Guez Grievance Chair.tif

Richard Guez

Jim Dornicik Professional Relations and Advancement.tif

Jim Dornicik
Professional Relations & Advancement

Gina Varacchi-TEPS Chair.tif

Gina Varacchi
Professional Development & TEPS

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